Transcend Alchemy
  • Transcend Alchemy is a Hawaii based state of the art wellness tech company, founded in 2015.
  • Transcend Alchemy fuses modern science with ancient wisdom by combining the world’s best wellness products with guided meditations that optimize the results of our products and inspire people to become the alchemists of their own lives.
  • Ancient Alchemists such as King Hermes Trismegistus and Sir Issac Newton were captivated in the quest to discover the Elixir of Life, known to many as the Philosopher's Stone. 
  • The quest to achieve this Great Work would be known as the Magnum Opus. The term Magnum Opus has also been used to describe physiological and philosophical transmutation guided by the alchemic processes used as a model for change.
  • Guided by the visionary leadership of our scientists and chemists, we source the highest quality elements to create state-of-the-art biohacking technologies that assist our planet into the next phase of our human evolution.
    • Our approach focuses on supporting the body’s ability to achieve homeostasis through combining mindfulness and nutritional supplements, rather than overloading the body's vital systems with synthetic chemicals designed to treat symptoms. This approach empowers our clients with the awareness that through their own conscious mind they are able to activate the full medicinal effects that our products offer, rather than passively relying on a substance to maintain status quo.

    • This approach provides improved mental, physical and emotional performance while improving homeostatic functionality and enhancing the bodies ability to heal, and thrive. 

    • The scope of our research is currently focused on applying meditative practices to wellness products. Transcend Alchemy began with a line of nano emulsified hemp products (Optimize, Regenerate, Flow) but as we begin to advance our science and research of the conscious mind and its effects on the body, we anticipate great advancements in our understanding of the immune system and how mindfulness practices can support cellular regeneration with equivalently superior performance.
Our purpose is to help people live life to the fullest by biohacking-upgrading their body and mind through holistic cutting edge products.
Our Vision is to create a biohacking global web platform to upgrade the human body, mind and life through holistic cutting edge products.
Create a superb customer experience through excellent customer service, user-friendly platform, product transparency, and educative-inspiring content.
Create meaningful careers.
Craft and source holistic cutting edge products to biohack-upgrade the human body and mind to attain optimal wellness, uplifted mood, higher cognition, and transcendent physical performance.
All of our products have been carefully developed and tested by experts, based on decades of scientific research, experimentation, and ancestral wisdom.
There is no secret behind our products; nature’s is the creator and source of every ingredient.
We only work with suppliers who can meet our superb quality standards and commitment to wellness and mental physical performance, purity and integrity.
We are constantly doing extensive research to upgrade our product line and expand our knowledge in optimal wellness so we can share it with you.
All of our efforts are made so you can be completely sure that you are getting the best natural wellness products at an accessible and convenient place.